Thursday, June 23, 2011

My First & Ultimate List of Top 10 Favorite Musicians

I was recently asked to list my favorite musicians/bands in order. While I've been asked to name and/or list my favorite bands before, no one had ever asked me to put them in order (hence the "First" in the title). My top 3 bands are pretty much set in stone, but the order of the groups after that always changes a little. Committing to a list like that seemed huge. I'm a girl. I have 27 pairs of black shoes alone! How could I be expected to commit to a ranked list of bands?!

And yet, I couldn't bear to leave the question unanswered so after some deliberation, I came up with the list below. (The numbers in parentheses are the number of times I've seen them in concert.)

#9 The Eagles
#8 Oasis
#7 Red Hot Chili Peppers (3)
#6 Sting (3) /Police (1)
#5 Bon Jovi (3)
#4 Third Eye Blind (3)
#3 U2 (4)
#2 Coldplay (4)
#1 The Beatles

This is it. I've blogged about it which means I've committed to it, and I used the word "Ultimate" in the title which means this list is the final edition. There will NOT be a 20th anniversary edition nor a limited keepsake edition of this list. You can rest assured that if I were planning to release another version of this list, I would have used the word "penultimate" in the title.

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