Saturday, July 25, 2009

Starr Shower

The last time I tried to give a cat a shower was in May 2005. Moochie had been missing for a few days and I was really worried. I remember Justin and I came home from celebrating Mothers' Day and Moochie finally came home that night causing me to exclaim, "It's a Mothers' Day Miracle!" with delight.

That delight quickly turned to concern when I saw how dirty he was. He looked like he had been sleeping in a car engine (and based on what happened the next time he ran away, he probably was.) So Justin and I thought it would be a good idea to give him a shower. Moochie would always come and poke his head through the shower curtain when the water was running, we figured, so he must not hate water too much. Oh, how wrong we were! Justin got a long scratch to remember the event and I was amazed a few days later when Moochie had completely licked himself clean from head to toe.

Fast forward to July 2009 as I'm driving the cats home from the PetHotel to our newly painted condo. Within 3 minutes of pulling out of the parking lot I realize that Starr has gone to the bathroom in her carrier and that it won't be pretty when we get home. I pulled her out in the garage and carried her straight upstairs to my bathroom. I put her in the shower and quickly took my clothes off to get in with her.

I decided to use body wash because I was washing her body plus my shampoo is for Brilliant Brunettes, not dirty kitties. I managed to wet her, lather her up and somehow, rinse her off. I think she was more scared than anything else because at one point she let me hold her like a baby under the water. That, I believe is where Justin and I went wrong with Moochie. He tried to throw him instead of getting in with him. Maybe the fact that I was in there with Starr made it a little more bearable for her. Or maybe she just couldn't believe what was happening to her.

I don't think that cats were meant to be drenched and maybe that's why they go to such great lengths to avoid water. Nonetheless, it was a bonding experience and after what I went through today, I don't think I need to be reminded that I cried when I almost didn't get her. I'm sure that when I cuddle with her tonight she'll smell like Dove Deep Moisture Beauty Body Wash. It's a win-win situation when you really think about it...

This blog is dedicated to Dave for encouraging to sit on my ass and blog already!

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  1. Oh the 80's - I too like "Head Over Heels". =) Btw, you look beautiful in your profile pic!